For this month’s Hey Bartender, we’re excited to feature Bradley Summers of the Five Seasons Restaurant and Brewery in Atlanta!

Tell us about yourself! Spare no gory details

I am an Atlanta native, born at Northside Hospital some 29 years ago. I grew up in the suburbs spending my childhood days at the tops of trees and in the trenches of my Lincoln Logs blowing up army men. I have always been creatively oriented and began cartooning and drawing a lot when I was in grade school. I definitely spent a lot of my time through the years focusing on doodling when I should’ve been studying scientific formulas and reading classic books…many of which became littered with little faces and creatures doodled into the empty spaces. Once I started working about age 15 I always managed to get into positions of a somewhat creative disposition. My lifelong dream was to be an astronaut, so even though I’m not standing on the surface of Mars right now, my head will forever be lost in space!
One random fact about me…. I have a fascination and love for outer space dedicated in tattoos to my entire right arm.

So how did you go from the tops of trees to bartending?

It’s something I just slipped into after working in restaurants for so long. The place I had been serving at faced a need, I expressed an interest, voila! I picked it up in about a month working in a very martini heavy atmosphere so there was some major shakin’!

And what’s your favorite drink to make?

Quite ironically, a good dirty martini. I hate drinking them, but I love building them. People like some dirty drinks and I love making them happy. Stuff some delicious olives to go with it and it’s taken to the next level.

And your least favorite?

Margaritas. First of all, I’m a neat freak which definitely transpires in my bar tending. When salt is all over the counter and floor I start to feel anxious. I love to drink a nice, fish-bowl sized margarita from time to time, but building one up just doesn’t do it for me.

Good to know! What’s the craziest thing a patron has ever said to you?

It’s a toss-up between that one guy who had apparently been aboard some alien probing vessel or the stuck-in-the-70s-disco dude who was apparently very interested in some strange cultish organization that met in secret…

We want to work at your bar. Last but not least: spicy or sweet?


Thanks a ton, Brad! Be sure to check out his special Cayrum Cocktail