Tell us about yourself!

My name is Randy Kuder, and I work at F&B in Buckhead at 3630 Peachtree Road NE in Atlanta, GA. Check it out at or @fandbbistro.
I’ve spent 10 years with the company and have been at F&B for one year. My goal in making cocktails is to find the right balance with fresh ingredients to make a cocktail where the guest not only enjoys the taste but also the creativity.

What else do you enjoy doing besides bartending?

In addition to bartending, I enjoy running, boxing, filming, hiking and camping

Filming, huh?

Yes! One day I hope to make a documentary about my friend, who is Italian. I want to show the traditions of his family’s cooking and recipes, which have been handed down generation after generation.

Bartenders always have the best work stories. What’s the coolest thing that’s ever happened to you while you were on the job?

My coolest bar moment was when I was working one night and we were slammed with 300 covers. All of a sudden, a woman at the bar just started singing Ava Maria. She sang the whole song and it was amazing. Afterwards you could hear a pin drop in the place.

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