Tell us about yourself….spare no gory details!

WASSUP DUDES AND DUDETTES! My name is Luis Ponce! I work at 97 Estoria. I was born in Chicago. But Atlanta will always be my home! My favorite movie is POINT BREAK! And I live my life like Im surfing a wave of fire on a surf board made of Slayer songs!

How did you get into bar tending?

My parents owned mexican restaurants growing up. So I kinda grew up in da biz. Some people bartend to make a quick buck, but I really love it! Forget the drinks! That’s only a small part of bartending. ITS ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE! I’ve met some of the most fascinating folks while opening a can of beer or over a 4 to 6 count pour of liquor (depending on how fascinating they are).

What’s your favorite way to drink Cayrum?

Ok! It’s called THE POINT BREAK COCKTAIL! Just In case you haven’t seen the 1991 EPIC that is Point Break I’ll explain it to ya super fast! Keanu Reeves is a FBI agent who has to go undercover to infiltrate a group of surfer bank robbers that are lead by the one and only PATRICK SWAYZE!!!! (BTW P. SWAYZE is the best actor In all history and all of space and time). We watch POINT BREAK on VHS almost everyday at the bar. So this is how I make the POINT BREAK COCKTAIL: I DIRTY DANCE some CAY RUM into a glass and then I ROAD HOUSE kick Campari into the same glass and then I RED DAWN a splash of soda in dat mofo.

What’s your favorite drink to make(in general) ?

Jameson shots!

What’s your least favorite drink to make (in general)?

Anything with grenadine.

What’s the craziest thing a patron has said to you or that has happened to you behind the bar?

There is always something crazy going on at 97 Estoria. I guess it has to be some of the awesome celebs that have come in. We’ve done shots with Woody Harrelson, The Black Keys, the Cults, Aziz Ansari, and our boy Jason Momoa (KHAL DROGO) from Game of Thrones! He loves some Point Break!

Tell us your inspiration behind your Cayrum cocktail, the Point Break? How do you exactly make it?

See Q3

Last but not least, spicy or sweet?


Anything else you want us to know about you?

I suck at surfing! It’s a total bummer! Thank ya Cayrum. I love ya brahs!

Thanks a bunch, Luis!! Be sure to head down to 97Estoria and say “what up” to luis and try a Point Break!