Tell us about yourself! Spare no gory details

I’m a fairly short and somewhat chunky bartender at a place called Recess Southern Gastropub in Gainesville, Georgia. From what I hear I have a pretty good personality and I make a hell of a drink. I’m very particular and maybe somewhat O.C.D. so obviously that falls into my job whether it be cleanliness of my bar/tools/glassware or to the actual building of my cocktails and my service from greeting to closing.

So how did you get into bartending?

I got into bartending in 2008 during the collapse of the economy. I was a home builder/superintendent for a medium sized home builder out of Atlanta. The industry was hit hard. As a result, I was jobless and couldn’t find anything else in my industry that I had become familiar with. So I took what little cash I had and moved south to Key Largo, FL. to scuba dive, fish, and drink. Needing cash, I started serving tables and eventually learned how use a blender. Next thing you know I’m making frozen margaritas/coladas/daiquiris/whatever… Hoping to never use another blender behind my bar, I moved back just north of Atlanta.

What’s your favorite drink to make?

My favorite drink to make… Well, I’m about to explain it shortly.

We think we might already know the answer to this one, but what’s your LEAST favorite drink to make?

Yep, I think we already answered that question. Never a blender again. Or purée for that matter.

What’s the craziest thing a bar patron has ever said to you?

Craziest thing a patron has ever said… “Can you make me something?” Uhh… That’s what I’m here for right?

Last but certainly not least: spicy or sweet?


Thanks so much Nicholas! We’ll be sure to never ask you for a blended drink when we visit Recess. See his special Cayrum Cocktail

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