Tell us about yourself….spare no gory details!

My name is Tara and I am originally from Savannah, Ga, but currently living in Atlanta. I’ve bar tended for around 8 years, for well over a year I’ve been at Graveyard Tavern and feeling right at home. Fact: I tend to have “resting bitch-face”, but I’m actually a pretty nice person.

How did you get into bar tending?

Bar tending pretty much fell into my lap. I was visiting my little sister at the bar she worked at in Savannah, they were short staffed and I was thrown behind the bar. Definitely thrown to the wolves and had no idea what I was doing, but have been doing it since.

What’s your favorite way to drink Cayrum?

On the rocks, with just a splash of lemonade.

What’s your favorite drink to make(in general) ?

Jameson, shots

What’s your least favorite drink to make (in general)?

Long Island Iced Tea, nothing more needs to be said..

What’s the craziest thing a patron has said to you or that has happened to you behind the bar?

Most people lose their filters and I have pretty much heard everything you could ever think of, or would never think of.

Last but not least, spicy or sweet?

Spicy, nothing beats a little heat!

Thanks a bunch, Tara!! Be sure to head to GRAVEYARD TAVERN in EAV and say “what up” to Tara and have some Cayrum